Snail Tales

                        Euro Rail Snail

Snail Tales: The adventures of Euro Rail Snail is a series that I am developing about the adventures of a snail and his best friend Paprika. The style of the story has changed a little bit through the years. At first I was going to create this in a picture book format, but I just have to much going on to simplify Euro that much. Next I wanted to use a Journal format in a scrap booking style, but as I worked on it more, that was kind of constricting as well. Next I  turned the stories into a comic strip for the newspaper. Just not my forte. 

After reading a copy of my son's Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney, I decided that future of Euro lies in the "Tween book" world.  The continuing story follows Euro and Paprika from their home in the woods at Gillan's Pond to around the world and beyond. Anything can and does happen along the way.

There are many stories involving Euro and Paprika, however there are a few constants in the stories. Paprikas love of pimento olives, and Euro's quest for his biggest dream in the world. Finding Rock Candy Mountain. There is only one person that stands in their way. The Mad Chef. Well not really. He kind of gets in his own way.

Anyways, there are alot of fun stories that takes kids through the holidays, around the world, or just a simple day in the woods hanging with Bigfoot and their friends. But with Paprika around, nothing is ever simple.

I will keep you posted.

Until then, enjoy some of my sketches and just a few of the many chararcters in the world of Euro Rail Snail.

I also have a months worth of Snail Tales comics that I will upload when I get a chance.

Euro Rail Snail

?Follow this link to check out some of the very first character designs for Euro and Paprika.  Working in a factory for so many years alot of the original sketches were done on cardboard, and with Ball point pen. Enjoy.                                                    ?

Euro Character Sheet

Euro and Paprika in Paris

Paprika Character Sheet


The Gang

More of the Gang

Mad Chef and Charcoal the Cat

Pinky and Soapy

Bottle Rocket Billy and Firecracker Fred

The Launch

Blast Off!

Cardboard Art

Snail Tales - week 1

Snail Tales

Snail Tales - week 2

A MANY years ago I attempted to create a comic strip that revolved around the adventures of Euro "Rail" Snail and his best friend Paprika.

As I mentioned above, this really wasn't my forte. However, I felt that they were just plain fun within themselves, and my kids still get a chuckle out of them.

Euro at his Tree stump

Snail Tales - week 3

Snail Tales - week 4

Snail Tales - week 5

Snail Tales - week 6

Snail Tales - week 7

Snail Tales - week 8

Snail Tales - week 9

Snail Tales - week 10

Snail Tales - week 11