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For many years I played in a band with my brothers Paul and Wayne, and two friends Bubba and Mark. The energy that pour out of us was unmatched with any other band in the area. The name was funny, and it was somewhat of a joke for first time viewers, but by the end of the night fans were begging for more.

I  wore many hats in that band. I was the Guitarist, Recording Engineer, booking agent, and the Artist.. Some people may not consider the Art legit because this was not paid work. It was mearly for the band.  I created alot of flyers, album covers, and shirt designs that I screen printed myself. Alot of work went into BIG SEXY, all for the love of Rock n Roll.

Big Sexy - Screenprint template. Also Link to Myspace site

Big Sexy  Logo - Photoshop

Big Sexy  Flyer-  Photoshop

Big Sexy  Flyer-  Photoshop

Big Sexy  Flyer-  Photoshop

Big Sexy  Flyer-  Photoshop

Big Sexy  Flyer-  Photoshop

Big Sexy  Flyer-  Photoshop

Big Sexy  Flyer-  Photoshop

Big Sexy  Flyer-  Photoshop

Listen to BIG SEXY. Follow this link to MySpace

Big Sexy  "WHITE" Album

Big Sexy  "BLACK" Album

Disco Dragon


International Student Network Logo

5th Grade Shirt Design - Pen & Ink, Photoshop

HydeTech Logo - Photoshop

HydeTech Logo Sketches

ISN Logo - Pen & Ink, Colored Pencil

Lydia's Bridge

Lydia Sketch

Lydia Sketch

Want to listen to my original music? Follow this link to REVERBATION

I was asked, well volunteered by my wife to design the shirts for my son's 5th grade class. I was more than happy to. They asked for a disco themed dance party that included the school mascot.

I had alot of fun with this, and the kids loved it which made it even better.

This is a logo that I designed for a guy that I worked with at the soda factory. He owned a Landscaping business and was looking for a logo. After seeing my drawings that I would do on the stacks of cardboard, he asked me to design this.

Not only did I go to school at RIT in Rochester, NY, I also studied Painting and British Literature in England. I missed a semester at RIT due to a dislocated hip from racing Motocross. While attending school at the University College at St. Martin in Lancaster, England, I was asked if I could design a logo for the International Student Network. I was honored and agreed. Due to lack of money, and access to Photoshop or art programs, I decided to use Pen & Ink and Colored pencils.

This image was used on postcards, shirts,  jackets. glasses, mugs, and keychains.

I also write and record my own music which is in a totally different style than Big Sexy. My music was dubbed Swamp Blues. I liked the sound of that.

Lydia's Bridge started before Big Sexy, while I was living in North Carolina. The name comes from a ghost story about a girl that died one night while walking home from a spring dance in 1923. It was raining that night and she was hit by a car. And through the years people driving through the bridge see her and they give her a ride home. Only to find that she is gone after she reaches her destination.

Though the band has disbanded, I still use the name with my music.

- If you would like to learn more about Lydia and her story, follow the link above.

-  If you would like to listen to my original music, follow the REVERBNATION link below. Enjoy.                                 

Graffitti at the Bridge. Inspiration for the two Lydia sketches.

To learn more about the history of Lydia's Bridge - Follow link above to her story.