Cardboard Art

Cardboard Art

Spending 15 years of my life working in a Soda factory, I sketched alot on the cardboard. Standing there watching bottles and cans go by for 10- 12hours a day was not very gratifying. To pass the time of the long dismal day, I sketched a lot. Something about the tan color of the cardboard soothed me. And I enjoyed drawing on it. There are countless images of mine that passed through the machines and headed towards the shelves in the stores. I am curious to know if anyone ever kept any.

Also, I used to sketch a lot of caricatures of the workers and the events that went on in and around the soda plant. Most, if not all, of them were taken home by the employees that drawings were created of. I wish I made copies.

Remember. Always make copies.

The majority of my drawings were just fun, but I also used that time to work and develope  the characters in my stories. Believe it or not, all the storyboard skecthes for The Grumpy Old Man with the Red Peppered Chin were done while watching cases of soda go by. Even though I was making money and supporting my family, I felt as an artist, I was wasting away.  So I worked to hone in my skills. I love Sci-Fi. Ever since Middle School I was inspired by Robotech and the original Voltron series. I created a universe of Aliens, Spacecrafts, and characters in which I had dreams of having my own animated series.  At some point I will upload a few of these images when I eventually go through them. Although Middle School is well over thirty years ago, I still enjoy sketching some of the characters and ships.

Marvels - Spiderman

Spiderman has always been my favorite superhero. And the first time that I saw Todd McFarlanes version of Spiderman had changed my life and the way that I draw my comic book style characters. His art work blew my mind. I still own every Spiderman comic that he drew. I collected the first Spawn comics for a while, but eventually sold most of them. However I could not part with the Spidey comics. This is my rough take on Spiderman, on carboard.

Cardboard Mix

Here is a mix of drawings and sketches of various things. From Santa to Angels. Also the devilish side of our Union Reps. for our Local at the time; Local 669.

One of the most beautiful images in the world is the human figure. As you may notice in this group of drawings, I love to draw the female figure with long flowing hair.

Euro Rail Snail Sketches

Within this section you will find alot of the first sketches I ever did of Euro Snail and Paprika. If you notice, Paprika has come a very long way in his developement. There are also sketches of myself when I was young with my friend Darren, AKA Bubba. I'm the one with the long bowl cut hairdo. Originally I planned on blowing up Euro's shell with firecrackers. Bigfoot then fixes/ replaces the shell with a backpack style shell. At one point, Euro didn't even have arms and legs.

I included some sketches of our dog Oliver and his crew. His crew is a mix of my families dogs throughout the years.  Enjoy.

Alien - Rebirth


~ Notice the Aliens chest. I used that emblem for the Big Sexy logo ~





Upside Down


Late for the Pub





Contract Negotiations


First Contact

Not Good


Very 1st Paprika sketches

1st Euro sketches

Euro and Paprika - 2nd versions

Euro and Paprika - Paprika  4th version

Paprika  3rd version

Paprika and the Maggots

Euro 3rd version - Paprika  5th version

Euro sketches - Backpack Shell

Easter Bunny


Hanging out

Pre-teen Me

Charcoal & Oliver

Santa with Euro and the Gang