Hi. Welcome to my website.

 I am an artist with an extensive background in art and design, as well as film and music production. I love anything that tells a story and captures specific moments in time. I especially love the timelessness of Black and White images, whether film or art.

I resides in Upstate, NY with my wife and three children who are always lighting that eternal spark of inspiration and imagination. Before receiving my Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from the Rochester Institute of Technology where I honed my skills in Illustration and Traditional animation, not to mention my song-writing. I studied painting and British Literature at the University College at St. Martin in Lancahire, England. There in the town square at the fountain in front of Woolworths, I would play my guitar to earn money for art supplies and a few pints. Besides having a passion for the arts and creativity, I love to hear and swap stories about Bigfoot, UFO's, and Ghost's. 

Take your time and look around. There is alot to look at.  I have compiled alot of my work throughout  the years, and this is just a small portion. Finished and unfinished.

Thank you, Scott

Scott James Peterson

There's Poop in my Soup,

The Grumpy Old Man with a Red peppered Chin,

The Legend of Toe Jam Joe,

Ribbet the Frog,

Atina the Forest Fairy

Now available at Amazon.com

My son Brennan and I at the 2018 Electric City Comic Con held on July 14th, 2018. 

Click on picture to read and watch interview.

Here are a few more helmets that I painted for my self this past year to match my new MX clothing. The BELL Moto 5 was purchased new back in 1997. After sanding and painting it white, the helmet sat in a box for over 10 years. My plan wa to paint, but when I went to school in the UK, I never followed through until now. And as I do with the majority of my helmets, there is a Todd McFarlane Symbiote Spidey painted on it.

To the right is another helmet I painted this year to match my Micky Dymond Retro ANSWER MX clothing. Simple and to the point. Spidey once again is gracing the helmet. I almot painted BlackCat on this one, but I always go back to Spiderman.

Some new graphic designs I have been working on for a friend for the annual The Queens Awards. These are coaster designs, and the profits were donated "Save Our Winters", hence the hand on the opposite coaster designs.

Graphics - The Queen's Awards

Custom Paint

Sculpture - BROWN from Larva

Small scuplture I made out of Sculpy of one of my favorite Larva Characters BROWN.

Costume - Jack in the Box 

My son wanted to be the Jack in the Box Mascot 

for Halloween last year. So I made one out of

paper mache. It went over big and he came in first 

place in the costume contest at the bowling alley.

Painting of a Roger Rabbit Mural

A friend asked if I could paint a picture of a mural that was located outside of her apartment in Richmond, VA. This is what I came up with.